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What is cyber security, and why is it important for my business?

Cyber security involves protecting your digital assets and networks from unauthorised access or attacks. It's crucial for safeguarding sensitive data, maintaining customer trust, and complying with legal and regulatory standards.

How does 1 Cyber Valley ensure PCI DSS compliance for businesses?

We conduct thorough assessments, including gap analysis and audits, to identify areas of non-compliance. We then provide tailored advice and strategies to meet and maintain PCI DSS compliance, ensuring your payment systems are secure.

What is a Virtual CISO, and how can it benefit my organisation?

A Virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) provides expert cybersecurity leadership and guidance without needing a full-time in-house position. This service is ideal for strategic planning, policy development, and managing cyber risks, especially for small to medium-sized businesses.

Can you help with cloud security?

Yes, we offer comprehensive cloud security services, including assessments, penetration testing, vulnerability management, and consultation on cloud migration security. These services ensure your cloud environment is robustly protected against cyber threats.

What kind of training do you provide for cyber security awareness?

We offer a range of training programs, including foundational cybersecurity awareness, role-specific training, and automated awareness platforms. These programs educate your team on best practices and how to recognise and respond to security threats.

What is the process for a cyber security risk assessment?

Our risk assessment process involves analysing your current security posture, identifying potential vulnerabilities, assessing the likelihood and impact of different risks, and providing recommendations to mitigate these risks effectively.

How does your Managed Detection & Response service work?

Our Managed Detection & Response service provides 24/7 monitoring of your digital environment. We use advanced technology to detect potential security threats and respond quickly to mitigate any risks to your business.

What support do you offer in case of a cyber breach?

In a cyber breach, we provide immediate response services to contain the breach, assess the damage, and implement recovery strategies. We also assist in post-incident analysis to prevent future breaches.


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