We offer a range of Technical Security Services in order to protect your corporate assets from cyberattacks. We will provide you with the highest level of protection from advanced internal and external threats, whilst also ensuring resilient business continuity measures are in place.

Our Technical service includes:

New digital products and services
Vulnerability scanning
  • We help identify network vulnerabilities using complex techniques
  • Common requirement for many regulatory and compliance activities
  • Our reporting will detail all issues find and provide recommended remidiation
  • We can conduct services remotely from a range of specific IP addresses
Software development
Penetration Testing
  • Designed to simulate the actions of a threat actor
  • All testing will be based on accredited standards and guidelines
  • We help with your vulnerability risk assessment
  • Full technical report with executive summary
social engineering
Social engineering
  • Helps prevent against psychological manipulation of people into divulging confidential information
  • Identification of risky and redundant behaviour of employees
  • We help provide advice on securing your organisation
network device audits
Network Device audits
  • Improves an organisation security posture by identifying irregularities and issues
  • We help you configure your devices correctly
  • We help deliver from a fully remote location/onsite and can accommodate any specific requirements
protected data discovery
Protected Data discovery
  • Helps prevent attackers trying to obtain data and information from inside your system environment
  • We conduct business process analyses of all of your data stores
  • We help outline areas of improvement for your team to increase the level of security