Software Support

Your business is important to us. We want that your organisation can concentrate on doing it bests and meet their priorities.

In the meantime, we are focusing on what we are doing best, that is, look after your key applications, databases, operating systems or cloud platforms.

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In addition, we can ramp up the team capacity on an ad-hoc basis, to meet short-term needs such as new feature requests.

We can look after:

  • Applications
  • Associated databases
  • Operating systems
  • Cloud platforms

We are not only keeping your apps running but continuously and actively strive to improve capabilities, performance, security and availability. All this frees your time to fully focus on the most important tasks of organisation, while you can trust your key systems are being in good hands by us.

Our Software Support Services are:

  • Fast response. We are alerted and react fast if there were any problems with your application. With our Service Level Agreement, we will identify your needs and make sure your application will be back on track in no time
  • Bug fixes. If there is something, which is not working quite as it should, we will find out the reason, and get it fixed.
  • Software upgrades and patches. We keep your application and supporting systems patched and up-to-date.
  • Enhancements. Does your application need to get extended? Our team will work with you to find the solution and deliver the change. This could involve ramping up the resource to accelerate the process.
  • Replatforming. Sometimes application infrastructure might have reached its end-of-life stage, or business have outgrown it. In these cases, we will design and migrate your business to a modern platform.
  • Life-extensions. You don’t always need to replace a legacy system as it can be risky and expensive. We will extend the life of your application, which saves your money and removes unnecessary risk and disruption.

Why 1 Cyber valley?

Our Support customers trust us to look after their critical applications. When a project has come to an end, our clients tend to stay with us: as being trustworthy business partner, we successfully continue delivering solutions and support services years after years.

Working with us is easy and seamless. You will be speaking with our multi-talented and experienced software engineers, who know your application inside-out. Our teams are fluent in all major technology stacks, programming languages and cloud platforms. With our experience in industry, you may expect your business is fully covered and maintained continuously. There will always be an expert available to help and guide you, as knowledge of your system is recorded and shared among our team.