Mobile and App Development Process

Today mobile apps are transforming how organisations work. They can be very beneficial for the businesses, but sometimes it may get tricky, for instance, when you are integrating with complex enterprise systems.

No matter whether your goal is to connect with customers, empower your employees’ productivity or create a new kind of service, we will support you and show the way through the project. This could be a mobile app or mobile-optimised web experience.

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Mobile App Development

Along the process, we will guide and make sure that all aspects are considered from the first prototypes, through the integrations and behind-the-scenes enablers, to launching your service on your chosen app or the web.

How we will work with you?

In order to succeed with our projects, we work constantly with you and your users to build and refine your app or mobile website as we’re creating it. You don’t need to know all the ins and outs at the start. That is, we are very flexible and we will deliver the best outcome for your needs, where the app you release will do exactly what it should.

Along the project, we may also provide:

  • Business analysis
  • High-level software and platform design
  • Delivery
  • Software consultancy
  • Prototyping
  • User experience and design
  • Project scoping
  • User experience and design
  • Ongoing support

Why 1 Cyber valley?

Get delivered high-quality mobile experience with our expert teams.

  • We have the knowhow to advise what is possible (and what is not) with the main mobile platforms and devices.
  • In our projects we take account that user experience design is in line with the mobile platforms’ guidelines and expectations
  • We have experience how to integrate with existing enterprise application and services, without unexpected side-effects.
  • Security

We have all the skills and recipes you need for your project. We will pick the right approach to suit your needs and budget.