Cyber Security Consultancy Services

Effective and efficient implementation of cyber security controls will safeguard your business and protect information from unauthorised use, disclosure, modification, damage or loss; creating a competitive advantage and providing assurance to internal and external stakeholders.

Our Cyber and Privacy Consultancy service includes:

information security
Information security governance, policy and standards production
  • Critical asset to any information security function
  • We help establish a set of standards for how the information security processes are performed
  • Helps management agree with the documented standards
  • Confirms that processes are current through annual updates
  • Can be shared with customers, vendors and assessors
Virtual chief information security officer (vCISO)
  • We provide valuable insights to the C-Suite on the status of your information security
  • Planning activities to delegate to staff within your organisation helping maintain compliance in the most pragmatic way
  • All can be conducted remotely or onsite
  • Save your organisation time and minimises the damage caused by non-compliance
risk assessment service
Risk assessment service
  • Highlights your internal environment and all areas where risk should be addressed
  • You can focus attention on the risks that matter the most to you
  • We help you better understand the risks involved with your current processes and the best ways to implement strong controls
testing and procedures
Incident response testing and procedures
  • An incident response plan is a major step towards moving your IT function to the next level of maturity
  • We create the steps needed to be taken by the company to address any type of security incident
  • We hold mock exercises with your teams to best understand how prepared you are if an incident occurs
readiness assessment
Readiness assessment review
  • We can help your team prepare for a specific regulatory audit or to improve IT controls
  • We conduct mock audits followed by remediation guidance in preparation for assessment readiness
  • Enabling your team to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your control environment
gap assessment
Gap assessment
  • A review against a specific compliance benchmark or standards, that is an identification of the gaps between the ‘As Is’ environment and the ‘To Be’ compliant environment
  • We identify the scope of the assessment (people, process and technology)
scoping assessment
Scoping assessment
  • Performing a scoping assessment will help you and your team to better understand your environment and how you will be assessed against the compliance assessment
  • We have expertise to perform a scoping review for a cross a myriad of information security based regulatory/standards requirements
  • This allows you to understand how the current scope will help or challenge your goal of regulatory compliance
  • We can help you understand the best ways to reduce scope
  • The GDPR has the potential to impact globally
  • GDPR describes and regulates how and why personal data should be processed and used by organisations
  • We can help you manage your GDPR program by reviewing your business operations and data handling processes
compliance and assurance
  • POPI promotes the protection of personal information by public and private bodies
  • An organisation must have due regard to generally accepted information security practices and procedures which may apply to it
  • We can help deliver a range of services to support your POPI goals
planning analysis
Remediation/Implementation Planning Analysis
  • We help you address areas of non-compliance found during an assessment
  • We help you understand how to prioritise and plan the remediation work
  • We provide you with a strong understanding of why assessments controls where deemed insufficient