Compliance and Assurance

We offer a full range of integrated control, compliance and certification capabilities across all sectors, as more and more organisations look to the alignment of their compliance activities, and their digital enablement.

Our Compliance and Assurance service includes:

cyber essentials
Cyber Essentials
  • Scheme backed by UK Government
  • Cost effective, straight forward cyber security
  • Based on 5 control topics
  • Awarded on an independently verified assessment
Software development
ISO/IEC 27001
  • Prerequisite to public and private sector tender processes
  • Benchmark that demonstrate your security maturity
  • Allows you to identify, assess and address risks
  • Helps you evaluate the adequacy of existing security controls
cyber consultancy
  • World’s most widely used IT service management framework
  • Best practice to improve IT services
  • Covers IT service strategy and design
  • We can help implement the ITIL framework
Ongoing Compliance Monitoring and Assessment
  • We help coach your team while we monitor your control processes for compliance
  • We help you take a step to maintain a high level of IT control
  • Helps you maintain the review of your environment and control quality
Modernising existing systems
  • International best practice framework for IT governance
  • Provides the principles, practices, analytical tools
  • Can be applied by any organisation or industry
  • We can help you develop an implementation plan to improve your level of IT control
sarbanes oxley
Sarbanes Oxley
  • Commonly known as SOX, USA federal law passed in 2002
  • Aims to reinforce investment confidence and protect investors
  • Improves the accuracy and reliability of corporate disclosure
  • We can help you achieve the full level of SOX compliance
ssae 18, soc 1-3
SSAE 18, SOC 1-3
  • Standard use to produce systems and organisations controls (SOC reports)
  • 3 types of attestation reports: SOC1, SOC2, SOC3
  • Provides insurance on the internal controls over the systems and services provided
  • We can help your organisation prepare for the audit
swift csp
  • Customer security program (CSP) to support organisations to reinforce security
  • Helps you understand that cyber attacks are a real threat and implement controls accordingly
  • We provide the correct completion of the attestation asserting CSP compliance